Special Select Bowhair 31"

  • $1.18 / gram - USD $1180.0 / kg
    (approximately $535.72 / lb)

      Note: All product originating from the US and/or shipping to US locations are subject to a 13.5% §.301 tariff surchage

We created this product as a result of our frustration with the consistency of high quality horse hair in the world market. Special Select is our Platinum "Live" hair that has been sorted strand by strand by our specially trained craftspeople in China. We are the only bow hair suppliers in North America with their own dressing facility. The response to this hair by the most discerning bow makers and rehairers has been excellent.

  • For the most discerning players and makers
  • Sorted Strand by Strand
  • Special Select is our Platinum "Live" bow hair specially sorted