Platinum Coarse 31"

  • $0.7 / gram - USD $700.0 / kg
    (approximately $317.8 / lb)

      Note: All product originating from the US and/or shipping to US locations are subject to a 13.5% §.301 tariff surchage

Platinum "Coarse" is chosen from shipments of hair brought directly from farms to the sorting facilities. The tails chosen are from horses typically coming from the Americas or an area in Northeast China/Southern Siberia. This hair is suitable for all players, but typically for players who want a "bigger" sound, Cellists or hard bowing performers.

  • Best all-around Bowhair in the market today
  • Use with Cello and Bass bows and hard players
  • Processed with soft water and no bleach
  • Fully sorted - no kinky or chalky hairs
  • Available in 32, 33, 34 and 35 inches