Platinum "Live" Pre-Glued 31 1/2"

  • $0.9 / gram - USD $900.0 / kg
    (approximately $408.6 / lb)


NEW! Patent Pending "Platinum Live" Bow Hair with Glued End. Guaranteed Full Length Hairs. Platinum "Live" is chosen from shipments of hair brought directly from farms to the sorting facilities. It is well selected, consistent and an excellent value for the price. This hair is suitable for all players, and is our most popular product.

  • Merchant SKU: PLG
  • Popular New Product weighs 450 grams
  • Pre-Glued End with rope for hanging.
  • Same price per pound as Platinum "Live"
  • Simplifies shop maintenance
  • Less waste of hair with pre-glued end
  • Platinum "Live" is our most popular product.